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🔥 The Fireside 12 - How To Be Successful, How To Learn Everything & How To Be A Mexican Cartel Hitman

Happy Thursday! Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Fireside 2019. The most recent personal news is tha
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🔥 The Fireside
Happy Thursday! Welcome to the 1st Edition of the Fireside 2019.
The most recent personal news is that I’ve moved to Bristol, 🇬🇧UK and I LOVE it here. The city is incredibly creative (did anyone say Bansky?) and everyone is genuinely friendly and helpful. Let me know if you are around :)
New Article: No, Facebook Is Not Listening To Your Conversations”. Though lots of people believe Facebook is spying on them, what is really happening has a much simpler explanation and is about how your mind and advertising work.
New article: “The Ultimate Spreadsheet to Manage You SaaS”. Over the years I’ve used several complicated tools to keep track of the most important metrics in my company but nothing beats the simplicity of a spreadsheet that takes 10 minutes once a month to update.
New Book:Black Edge” by Sheelah Kolhatkar is an incredible account of the real story of SAC, the biggest and most important hedge fund in the world, from the beginning to the end when it was shut down for multiple charges of insider trading and other illegal activities. Reading the book felt like watching a thriller on TV with twists every other page. If you have ever wondered how an hedge fund actually works behind the scenes or if you just like a good story, this book is for you.
Have a great weekend :)

😎 How To Be Successful
🧠 Winning at the Great Game
💉 The Family That Built an Empire of Pain
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🗣 Lera Boroditsky: How language shapes the way we think
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