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🔥 The Fireside 13 - Drug Addiction, OpenLife, People That Don't Exist, How Travel The World...

Happy Tuesday! Q1 is coming to an end and I hope you've achieved your goals (because you did set goal
March 27 · Issue #13 · View online
🔥 The Fireside
Happy Tuesday! Q1 is coming to an end and I hope you’ve achieved your goals (because you did set goals for Q1, right?)
It’s been a while since last edition of The Fireside. Whilst it’s true that the objective of this newsletter is not to have a specific frequency but rather to collect enough interesting and thought provoking articles, I’ll try my best to keeping a monthly-ish schedule. 🤞
On to The Fireside…
New Article: The Ultimate List To Travel The World Like A Pro”. In this post I write about everything I’ve learned about travelling to over 22 countries in the last 2 years. It is the longest post I’ve ever written.
New Project: “/OpenLife”. I’m doing an experiment where I test my accountability by publicly sharing data about my private habits. Right now I share things like the completion rate of my personal goals and how many times I go to the gym but I plan to add more data in the future.
New Book:Atomic Habits” by James Clear is the best book about habits I’ve ever read (and I’ve read quite a few books about the topic!) and it’s already considered a must-read. Clear breaks down how good habits are formed and bad habits are broken with a scientific-backed framework made of four pillars.
Have a great rest of the week :)

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👍 Status as a Service (StaaS)
🤔 Cognitive bias cheat sheet
💉 How Science Is Unlocking the Secrets of Drug Addiction
🧠 Rule Thinkers In, Not Out
★ Other things from the internet
(That may or may not make you look smart at dinner parties)
😵 This Person Does Not Exist
🌚 81 megapixel photo of the moon
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