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🔥 The Fireside 15 - Psychedelics, How to get lucky and how to launder money in the UK

Happy Friday! Two months ago, the UN released a terrifying report that shows beyond any doubt "unprec
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🔥 The Fireside
Happy Friday!
Two months ago, the UN released a terrifying report that shows beyond any doubt “unprecedented nature’s dangerous decline” and “accelerating species extinction rates”. The report presents a long list of facts and numbers about the ecological catastrophe we are facing but one figure shocked me: 300-400 million tons of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge and other wastes from industrial facilities are dumped annually into the world’s waters.
In the last paragraph the report very briefly touches on a potential solution: “steering away from the current limited paradigm of economic growth”. Alas, it seems very unlikely that the world will steer away from the model it has employed to progress for the last 150 years any time soon.
Which means we’ll need to think harder about potential solutions…
On to The Fireside…
New Project: I launched a new side project, SmilePostcards that allows you to create a personalised postcard in 30 seconds and send it anywhere in the world. From $0.99/postcard. No minimum.
New Books: It’s been a while since the last Fireside and in this time I’ve read 13 books. The best one was probably “So good they can’t ignore you” in which Cal Newport debunks the long-held belief that “follow your passion” is good advice. Indeed, he goes as far as saying that this belief can actually be dangerous, leading to anxiety and chronic job hopping. Luckily, he offers an explanation of what makes people love what they do and how anyone can achieve it. A must-read for any millennial.
New podcasts: Joe Rogan’s interview of Naval Ravikant is probably THE podcast of the year. In classic Rogan’s style, the podcast is over 2 hours long but you’ll wish it was longer. Also, Sam Harris and Shane Parrish talk mental models, how to think and many other interesting things. Probably four of the best thinkers on the planet share their thoughts on pretty much everything. Put the kettle on and enjoy it.
Have a great week end :)

➤ The links
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💰 How Britain can help you get away with stealing millions: a five-step guide
★ Other things from the internet
(That may or may not make you look smart at dinner parties)
🐟 Parasite living inside fish eyeball controls its behaviour
🌙 In the event of moon disaster
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