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🔥 The Fireside 6 - News, junk food, first principles, anxiety...

May 5 · Issue #6 · View online
🔥 The Fireside
What is making me think 🤔
📰 Why You Should Stop Reading News
🍟 How Big Business Got Brazil Hooked on Junk Food - NYT
🗳 First Principles: The Building Blocks of True Knowledge
😖 The Evolution of Anxiety: Why We Worry
What I'm reading 📚
After reading “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline (it’s a great book, 100 times better than the movie), I’m currently reading “Finite and Infinite Games” by James Carse.
I don’t have a strong opinion about this book yet. It swings from painfully difficult and boring to brilliant and mind-bending. Some ideas have made me think so much that I can totally understand why the person who recommended me this book said “it will dramatically change the way you experience life”.
PS: You can find the free pdf here.
Other things from the web 🤓
(That may or may not make you look smart at dinner parties)
How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes - YouTube
NASA's stunning video of the Lagoon Nebula will put your dumb life in perspective — Quartz
Humanity Keeps Getting Smarter
Have a great weekend!
Hello beautiful human being 👋
As you might have noticed I’ve shaken things up a little.
No personal introduction, but straight to the meat.
Let me know if you prefer it this way :)
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